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The garage door offers most homeowner's immediate access the home, and it also provides an escape from Mother Nature. It is one of the most important features of any home, and a faulty door can really throw a wrench into the day's activities. If you are having trouble with your door, we will be able to repair your garage door opener in Chicago.

Most automatic openers work in a very similar way. The entire process to solve the problem begins with a battery check. It is important to make certain that the connections are working properly throughout the unit and with the remote control.

Once the juice is flowing throughout both parts correctly, we will move to the lasers.

Professional work

The lasers may not be contacting each other properly, and we at Evergreen Garage Door & Gate can come to your home and fix the problem quickly. It may require us to uninstall the current lasers and affix them to a new location. Once the lasers are working properly, the next thing to do is check out the unit itself.

As long as all the connections are working properly, we can work to repair the primary part. The track will likely still be in good working condition, so our trained technicians will work with the guts of the opener. We will probably be able to diagnose the problem and repair the problem without removing the unit.

We will take the unit down if necessary to fix it. In most cases, our repairs will be quick and accurate. We have a highly dedicated team that works on these types of machines on a daily basis, so you can rest assured knowing that our Chicago professionals are on the job.

It is important to let us take a look at your unit as soon as you know you cannot easily remedy the situation. There is live electricity feeding into the mechanism, so you must exercise extreme caution when repairing the garage door opener.

When you tell us the problem, we will immediately come to your place and check out the situation. We will come with all of the tools that we will need to fix the unit almost immediately.

If you wish, we can provide you with an estimate for the cost to completely fix the unit. We believe in honest work, so we will give you our professional judgment and let you decide the next step.

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