If you're in the Chicago area and are looking for gate installation or gate repair, look no further than Evergreen Garage Door & Gate. We at Evergreen pride ourselves on the quality of our gates, excellent customer service, and work ethic. We will always repair your gate in the most cost-efficient and timely manner. Our services offered are gate repair, electric gate installation, and standard gate installation.

Why should you choose us over other gate repair companies?

1. We're quick, easy, and efficient.
2. We'll always ensure you receive the best possible price.
3. We consistently demand top tier customer service from our employees.

Before choosing our services, you might be wondering what the common causes of electric gate failure are and how we might go about fixing them.

For an electric gate, one common point of failure is engine malfunction. For old engines, this is typically as simple as replacing the engine.

With newer engines, we can generally repair the engine itself without entirely replacing it - saving you money.

Another common point of failure is power outages. Power outages will stop an electric gate in its tracks and prevent it from opening and closing.

To solve this, we must get to the root of the power outage and fix it. Generally, this is as simple as replacing a blown fuse.

Something we see often causing difficulties with electric gates is obstructions and vermin. Sometimes, something as simple as dirt can stop a gate from working entirely.

Along with that, mice and other tiny creatures like insects can block the sensor. For obstructions, this is as simple as cleaning or removing the blockage, and your gate will be as good as new.

If you need work done on a gate, Evergreen Garage Door & Gate is the team to get it done, unquestionably. We have a track record of happy customers and are sure that you will become one too. You won't regret choosing us for your gate needs.

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